Styling a Persona # 1 (character)

When defining fashion personal style, and selecting the wardrobe elements there are many different prosses to follow.
On this occasion, I will use as an example my work as a wardrobe and costume designer, and how I had proceed.
Being always prepare for change, and then embrace them is a must, as per my recommendation, it should be in many aspects of our personal and professional life. Creative people should always be ready and willing to improvisation when the occasion required it.

The defined look of a character for a tv show, film, editorial, or for an advertising campaign is based on a concept dictated by the production designer. The production department along with the Art Director will facilitate a document to head of the Wardrobe departement with a description of each main character on scene. This character description is where the writer will talk about the psychological, physical, and demographic information of this person. Based on that information you start your creative work.
when the talent casting has not been select yet, the Art Director could gives visual examples of the actor’s physical appearance prototype.

After doing the reading and analysis, there is an extensive research and investigation to prepare a visual presentation to be shown to the Art Director and the executives in charge of the project, to receive the feedback and approval, they have the last word.
When creating this graphic example of the proposed vision, the document to present needs to have reference images related to the physical appearance, color palette, textures, and different types of wardrobe depending on the lifestyle of the character on the story.

The scenery where the action is developed also have a important role on the wardrobe selection. As is the cultural environment, the weather, the colorimetry chosen on the script.

Color is one of the key elements of design when doing a composition, it uses and and selection is super important to have on mind when pulling the pieces and creating the looks. With the color we can communicate many things as the emotions, brand identity, temperature, etc.

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