Fashion Before Designers

The dress code was dictated by cultural and religious concepts,and restricted to the social class. The elaboration of each of the pieces marked the difference between classes.

A french dressmaker and milliner called Rose Bertin who was on charge of dressing the Queen Marie Antoinette, was “the first celebrity fashion designer”

Mademoiselle Bertin became the most successful dressmaker after she was accepted by the queen inner circle. She made a significant impact in the french fashion history. Rose Bertin gave rise to the future of Parisian Haute Couture.


O’Byrne, Robert. “The Dressmaker Rose Bertin Held Sway over Marie Antoinette – and Was the First Celebrity Fashion Designer.” Apollo: The International Magazine for Collectors, vol. 185, no. 654, June 2017, p. 126.

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